• Image of Almond paste
  • Image of Almond paste
  • Image of Almond paste

ceramic plate
dimensions: ø cm 26,5
weight: gr 700 circa

This plate is a part of a Gastrode’sign Collection, a series projected for a pubblication named “La Puglia in un piatto”, a book about traditional recipes and ceramics inspirated to the Apulia territory.

Blanch the almonds in hot water, peel them and allow to cool dabbing them with a dish towel to remove the residual water.
Chop them and mix with the sugar, egg yolks, vanilla and the grated lemon rind.
Put the mixture in a pastry bag with a serrated nozzle and arrange them in the form of little roses on a floured oven tray.
Decorate with peeled almonds, or candied cherries or coffee beans and bake at 180°C for about 20 minutes until the pastries are golden.

_1 kg almonds
_800 g sugar
_5 egg yolks
_dash of vanilla
_grated rind of a lemon