• Image of Peppered mussels
  • Image of Peppered mussels
  • Image of Peppered mussels

ceramic plate
dimensions: ø cm 26,5
weight: gr 700 circa

This plate is a part of a Gastrode’sign Collection, a series projected for a pubblication named “La Puglia in un piatto”, a book about traditional recipes and ceramics inspirated to the Apulia territory.

Clean and brush the mussels well. In a quite deep, large pan, sauté the peeled garlic in plenty of extra virgin olive oil.
Add the tomatoes and throw in the unopened mussels.
Cook on a high heat for 5-6 minutes until the mussels have opened. Turn off and serve hot with an abundant sprinkling of freshly ground black pepper and accompany with some crisp toasted bread.

_2 kg mussels
_100 g Pachino cherry tomatoes
_Extra virgin olive oil
_3 cloves garlic