• Image of Cartiddate
  • Image of Cartiddate
  • Image of Cartiddate

ceramic plate
dimensions: ø cm 26,5
weight: gr 700 circa

This plate is a part of a Gastrode’sign Collection, a series projected for a pubblication named “La Puglia in un piatto”, a book about traditional recipes and ceramics inspirated to the Apulia territory.

The pastry for the cartiddate is the same as that of the sannacchiudere; what changes is the shape and therefore the tools to use.
In this case, a machine to roll out the dough is necessary with which you make very thin sheets. Cut the sheets into strips with a pastry wheel with a serrated edge and give them the shape you prefer; that of a bow for example or a rose or a simple rhombus.
Deep fry in olive oil and put to drain off the excess oil. Prepare the honey with the same procedure indicated for the sannacchiudere and immerse the cartiddate, this time paying more attention to stir them (the pastry is much more delicate). Sprinkle with anise candies and serve. The cartiddate can also be decorated simply with icing sugar.

_1 kg flour
_200 g olive oil
_1/2 pat yeast
_3 dl white wine
_1 tablespoon salt
_oil for frying