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  • Image of Municedde
  • Image of Municedde

ceramic plate
dimensions: ø cm 26,5
weight: gr 700 circa

The municedde or patedde are earth snails with a brown shell that, unlike the cuzziedde, grow at the base of Mediterranean bushes, often underground. For this reason they are very rare and difficult to find, also because they only come out from the earth in certain periods of the year and with precise climatic conditions, (they can be found after summer storms when the earth is soaked with rain water, or at the beginning of autumn).
Those which remain underground produce a protective white film called “cream” thanks to which they don’t need to undergo the same cleaning treatment as the patedde without the cream.
The former can be roasted by simply putting them on a grill and seasoning with salt or otherwise with a sauce (in which case though it is necessary to remove the “cream” and treat them with salt).
The municedde without the cream, instead, should be fed with bran (which seems to give them a more delicate flavour) for about 2 days in a covered container, then thoroughly washed and rubbed with coarse salt to eliminate the slimy secretions.

_500 g municeddhe
_1 can peeled tomatoes
_1 large red onion
_4 cloves garlic
_Salt and extra virgin olive oil
_Herbs (parsley, bay leaf, basil) and spices