• Image of Spaghetti with caurri
  • Image of Spaghetti with caurri
  • Image of Spaghetti with caurri

ceramic plate
dimensions: ø cm 26,5
weight: gr 700 circa

This plate is a part of a Gastrode’sign Collection, a series projected for a pubblication named “La Puglia in un piatto”, a book about traditional recipes and ceramics inspirated to the Apulia territory.

Wash the crabs well.
Sauté the garlic in oil in a frying pan, add the crabs and cover immediately to prevent the oil splashing. Stir the crabs and when they are a nice reddish colour moisten with a little white wine; when it has evaporated add the tomato purée (or the peeled tomatoes).
Cook slowly for half an hour. In the meantime boil the spaghetti until still firm (al dente), serve with the crab sauce and plenty of pepper. Decorate each plate by laying the crabs on top in plain sight.

_15 crabs
_500 g spaghetti
_600 g tomato purée or canned peeled tomatoes
_150 g olive oil
_1 clove garlic
_white wine
_salt and pepper