• Image of Stuffed squid
  • Image of Stuffed squid
  • Image of Stuffed squid

ceramic plate
dimensions: ø cm 26,5
weight: gr 700 circa

This plate is a part of a Gastrode’sign Collection, a series projected for a pubblication named “La Puglia in un piatto”, a book about traditional recipes and ceramics inspirated to the Apulia territory.

Clean the squid removing the skin, bone, eyes and black liquid from the bag.
Wash well. Prepare a mixture with the beaten egg, breadcrumbs, pecorino cheese, finely chopped garlic and parsley, capers, chopped and pitted olives, salt and pepper.
Fill the bag of the squid with the mixture and place them in a baking dish greased with oil making sure they are close to one another.
Bake at 180° C for about an hour.
They can be served either hot or cold.

_1.5 kg squid
_50 g grated pecorino cheese
_2 eggs
_50 g dry breadcrumbs or soft fresh breadcrumbs
_1 tablespoon capers
_black olives
_chopped parsley
_salt and pepper